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Company leaders need a confidant, who can be completely trusted, but also has the skills to help move the company forward.


S.E. Singer Consulting Inc. can provide these highly sought-after skills, also bringing the "battle scars" that only a seasoned information technology executive who has faced diverse challenges can offer. We can provide interim management where there is an executive opening that will require time to fill and the organization needs ongoing senior technology management expertise that can make the necessary changes so the IT organization is positioned for success. 


We work at the senior level, counseling management and guiding existing staff toward the development of improved management systems. Areas of expertise include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Evaluating new opportunities
  • Special projects
  • Information systems management
  • Program, project management
  • Mergers and acquisitions

We are information technology experts. We focus on:



Developing an IT strategy that is aligned with the business strategy will enable a competitive advantage.



Ensuring all aspects of the planning process have been well thought out and documented.



Creating amd managing the organizational and cultural changes required to ensure success.



Delivering the programs and projects that enable the strategic business vision.


Informed Negotiator

Leading by example working with teams to leave behind negotiation competency creating a positive environment for all parties.

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